NetDirect is a utility that allows a user to use the CSU proxy bypass facility without requiring to leave internet explorer open. It appears as an icon on the system tray (next to the clock in the bottom right of the screen) and automatically facilitates the No-proxy service, as well as checking to see that the service is working.

This utility is currently in early beta and still has some bugs to fix, but is available for use.

It is best to choose the newest versions, it is likley to me much more stable. Older versions may also be disabled if newer versions are available.
NetDirect 0.1 Beta(594KB 17/03/2004)
NetDirect 0.1 Beta 2(595KB 18/03/2004)
NetDirect 0.1 Beta 3(649KB 19/02/2005)
NetDirect 0.1 Beta 4(592KB 7/03/2005)

Please send any comments, feedback, and especially any problems you encounter to netdirect@peacocktech.com.